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Pawsitive Vibes Workshops

I hope you will join us in our next Pawsitive Vibes Class February 17th at 12 PM, location is Quintessence Yoga located at 110 E Bruner Avenue Suite 120.

This workshop is for you and your dog, where you will experience a Healing Meditation and Soothing Sound Bath to restore balance and Harmony within yourself and your beloved companion.

Our next class will focus on Acupressure and Massage Techniques. Massage is the touch of the physical and energetic body with a healing purpose. Therapeutic massage is recognized as one of the primary forms of hands-on healing. Massage is fun and can enhance your relationship with your animal companions. Any of us who live with an animal knows the joy of touching and petting and hugging our fury friends. They may not understand every word we say, but they always understand our body language.

Besides communication and affection, massage can be used to comfort tired muscles and relive pain. Acupressure is a specialized finger tip technique which employs the diagnostic and meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I hope to see you and your Canine companion in our upcoming workshop!


With Gratitude,


Megan Kathryn Norotsky and Mia

Click the Link below to reserve your spot.

One dog per Human Please, Dogs must remain on leash during the workshop.

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