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I offer nutritional therapy consultations by phone appointment. I provide custom cooked or raw recipes formulated for your dog. During a consultation we will discuss your dogs current diet and how we can improve it. As well any disease that may be present and how we can improve that with nutrition. Consults allow you to ask questions and learn more about proper nutrition for your dog. Consults do not include a custom formulated diet plan. 

If you are already feeding a Home made diet and feel that you may be lacking some ingredients or supplements, I offer Recipe Analysis Service. This service is ideal to improve Raw or cooked home prepared recipes. 

Consultations 1 hour $60

Custom Diet Plan for 1 Dog $125 Includes 3 Different Recipes

Your Custom diet plan will include:

. A custom diet formulated for your individual dog. Taking into consideration age, illness, weight and history.

. Preparation Instructions and Safe Handling 

. Cooking Instructions for Cooked Diets

. Shopping List

. Transition Plan

If you are interested in booking a Nutrition Consultation please fill out the contact me form or simply email me at

For Custom diet plans the wait time is 14 days. 

I am not a veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist. I am an independent Certified Canine Nutrition Specialist. Services and information on this website and affiliated social media channels are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent canine disease or illness.

Nutrition Consultations: Welcome
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