Mia Needs a Friend

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I would hear the same thing repeatedly from my husband "Mia needs a friend". Every new rescue dog that Camp Cocker would post on their social media pages he would ask if we could adopt him or her. We were preparing to move from our Hollywood apartment to a big house in the suburbs of Las Vegas. It just was not the right time and I wanted to have some time to let Mia and myself settle into the new house.

September came around and Adam (my husband) saw that Camp Cocker was rescuing a dog from South Korea and bringing him over to California. He showed me the post and I could not believe how much he looked like Mia. They could have been related and I just had a feeling that this beautiful boy belonged with us. He was pure buff in color, very tiny and had the most beautiful Cocker eyes.

I reached out to Camp Cocker Rescue and let them know we were interested in adopting Archie (which was his name at the time). They confirmed back to me in a few days and we planned a trip out to LA to meet Archie. They asked me what I was going to name him, and we decided on Monte. The next week Mia and I packed up the car and headed out for our road trip to LA to meet her new brother.

When I arrived to meet Monte, he was even cuter in person and had such a wonderful disposition. I could not believe how tiny he was. Monte was so excited to go in the car and meet his sister and finally go to his forever home. Monte has been such a blessing and I could not imagine life without him here. Mia and Monte have a wonderful relationship, He has helped Mia to be brave and he has made our little family perfectly whole.

I adopted Monte on October 7th, one year exactly from the day Casey passed away. He was meant to be with us.

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