Canine Chakra Healing

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Unlike humans who have 7 Chakras, Canines have 9, These 9 Chakras are:

1. The Root: Base of the Tail: Red

2. Sacral: Lower Belly: Orange

3. Solar Plexus: Back Mid-spine: Yellow

4. Heart: Chest: Green or Pink

5. Brachial: Sides of the neck, dip in front of shoulder blade: Black

6. Throat: Throat: Sky Blue

7. Sensing: Bridge of Nose: Silver Blue

8. Third Eye: Front of head above the eyes: Indigo

9. Crown: Top of head: Violet or White

Canine Chakras need to be balanced just as ours do. Start out practicing and placing your hand over each Chakra point (about 4 inches from the body) pay attention to what your feeling and how each energy point feels. The more often you work with your canine’s chakras, the more you will be able to feel their energy and know when something is out of balance.

To do this you must be in a healing meditative state of mind first. You can balance your dog’s Chakras, by using a powerful intention to do so, while placing your hand over each chakra point you are planning to balance. Once you become familiar with the energy from each Chakra point, Simply lay your hands over your dog and take a deep breath in through the nose and out from the mouth, as you imagine your hands filling with white light. Then put your hands on each chakra for a few minutes as you imagine the specific chakra color.

Balancing these chakras, can help him/her experience a happier and healthier life. Chakra therapy cannot be used in place of a licensed veterinarian.

Sources: The Blissful, Dog Animal Wellness Magazine and Heal your life.

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