Camp Cocker Rescue.......... To the rescue!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

About eight weeks after our beloved Casey had been gone. My husband and I were contemplating fostering a dog. Our home was so empty without Casey there and I had no idea what to do with myself without her. She was my life and everything I did she was by my side. Most of my life revolved around Casey and I was completely lost and empty.

We had been following a rescue group Camp Cocker Rescue. They are based in Southern California and rescue mostly Cocker Spaniels from Los Angeles shelters. They also bring some dogs over from South Korea that come from the dog meat trade. They are a wonderful group and if you are interested in rescuing a Cocker Spaniel, I would strongly suggest adopting through them. I decided to reach out and went through the process of interviews and home checks to be considered as a foster mom. We were interested in fostering an older dog named Sabrina she had a lovely disposition. Everything seemed to be working out and we were going to become foster parents soon to Sabrina. I had something to look forward to again.

Things don't always work out as planned.

I received a call from Camp Cocker this was during the time when the wildfires where running through Los Angeles. They were having issues with boarding some of their dogs because the boarding facility had to be evacuated due to the fires. They really needed me to help with a dog named Mia who was recently rescued from South Korea. I agreed and we

made arrangements for our new foster dog Mia to be dropped off to our home.

In comes Mia! One of the volunteers dropped Mia off to me on a Monday afternoon. I was excited to meet her and could not wait for her arrival. She was very tiny only about thirteen pounds and maybe just under 2 years of age. She also walked with a bad limp she came from Korea with a shoulder injury that had healed and was inoperable. She had a tail shaped the same as a lion would and had the most magnificent eyelashes. She was the most unique spaniel I have ever seen. Once she came inside, she was very excited playing with her new toys and running around our tiny apartment pouncing just like a lion cub. She was utterly adorable.

Fostering Mia really helped me I was happy. Smiling and laughing is something that I did regularly, I thought I never would do any of those things. We instantly connected to one another and I had a new best friend. But I could not have a new best friend and let someone else take her. After about four days with Mia we had decided to adopt her. We were a foster fail of course! I had learned to love again.

Letting go is the hardest part of losing our animal companions. Learning to love again it comes easy over time. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about Casey. She is always on my mind. I try to have thoughts of only the good memories not the ones of when she was sick. She was with me for thirteen years and was only sick for eight weeks of those thirteen years. Why focus our energy on such a short period of time when we have so many years of happy memories? I know her energy surrounds me, and she is always with me. Our animal companions and loved ones send us signs after they are gone. They are there you just have to pay attention.

Mia is such a special girl and has the most amazing energy. She is extremely intelligent, one look into her eyes and you would think she has been alive for thousands of years and has all the answers that we seek. Everything happens for a reason there was a reason it did not work out with fostering Sabrina. She was meant to be with someone else, Mia was meant to be with me. I am so grateful for her and the beautiful connection we share. Thank you, Mia and Camp Cocker Rescue.

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