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Image by Helena Lopes


Whether you are going on holiday or just another day at work, The Zen Dog Life has you covered. We offer Wellness days and Overnight Retreat stays for your pup.

Included in your Pup's Stay:

Daily Walking


Homemade Treats

Hydro Therapy

Meditative Sound Bath

Enrichment Games and Play

Pick Up and Drop Off 

Daily Rate for Wellness Days $40 per Dog

Nightly Rate for Retreat Stays $60 per Dog 

Additional Retreat Services Available:

Nutrition Therapy 111

Homeopathic Grooming 65-95

Chakra Balancing 25

Vibrational Therapy 25

Reiki Session 36

​These are Special Rates only for Wellness Day and Retreat Guests 

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Wellness Days/Retreat Stays: Welcome
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